School News

Food Glorious Food

12/11/2019 23:30
Lots of hard work has gone into preparing for our Halloween  spooktacular parade! Looking forward to seeing lots of our families later on this morning! Meanwhile......... we've been busy...

Preschoolers at the Park

12/11/2019 23:23
What a beautiful day for the park!

Halloween Scarecrows

12/11/2019 23:19
Lots of fun going on here in LA! We have not one but two scarecrows in this weekends competition in Doagh Famine Village! There was heaps of fun and a little teasing going on this morning as these...

Jersey Day

12/11/2019 23:14
Thanks to Miss Cassidy for organising Goal Jersey day! We make a great team in LA but today we got to let everyone know who our other favourite teams are! Now .....who decided what jersey to wear in...

Halloween Fun

12/11/2019 23:11
Something spooky going on in Miss Mortland's room! Lots of fun dressing up and exploring Halloween! Making history fun too.....Miss Mortland reminding all of us how we used to dress up! Black bin...
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