iPads, iPods and iPhones

We use all of these devices in Little Angels School. We use them mainly in two ways.

Some of our pupils use them purely for communication with an app called Grace App or Proloquo2Go. If the pupils are using their idevice for communication then there will be nothing else on that idevice except for their communication app.

Most of our classes have either an iPad or an iPod which have lots of apps downloaded. The class teacher selects apps for the pupils to use which supports targets which the pupils are working towards. These targets are taken from the pupil's Individual Education Plan (IEP)

The children find these devices highly motivating and we consider them to be another useful tool in helping our pupils achieve success.

We get lots of requests for Apps which we have found to be useful and are in the process of listing these on our website. Please see the Apps section to find out more.

Finally we recommend a wonderful guide to the iPad; iPads for Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning  which has been developed by Call Scotland especially for all of us who are not technical specialists but want to use iPads with children or adults with special educational needs. It is available to either read online or to download to your own computer.