About Little Angels

We focus on holistic development, using teaching and communication strategies appropriate to each pupils' learning medium. There is a range of expertise throughout this school, from our highly skilled teachers and Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) to our visiting therapists. Together and informed by parents we ensure that every child's needs are met.

We want to create a shared responsibility for the wider population of children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN). We work collaboratively with a network of schools and organisations to engage with research and innovation which will enhance approaches to SEN. We welcome teachers and SNAs from Universities and Colleges from all over Ireland, to facilitate their initial professional training and to enhance their professional development. At the centre of this is our commitment to meaningful partnership with our parents, peers and professional partners. 

We want to be a place of learning where our pupils meet their potential whilst making friends and having fun! Our pupils are at the heart of everything we do.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


A deep respect for the individual and the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of all is at the core of Little Angels School. We aspire to the highest professional standards in learning and teaching. We care for each other and our pupils feel secure in the knowledge that protection and support is always part of their lives at The Little Angels.

Mission Statement

At Little Angels we help and encourage each of our unique pupils to be "the best that they can be". In this our endeavour we strive to create an exciting and uplifting environment and in coming to school each day our cherished pupils know that they are entering the kind, caring, happy environment that is The Little Angels.