Useful Software








We have made a list of some of the software which we consider to be essential when teaching people with special educational needs. This is not a definitive list and we will update it periodically, We think these programs are fantastic.



  • Clicker 6 is an award winning literacy tool which is brilliant for supporting pupils learning to read and write. It can be personalised so that a pupil can be enabled work independently improving their reading and writing skills. There are too many features to list here so check it out for yourself. It is excellent. 
  •   Big Bang, Big Bang Patterns and Big Bang Pictures  : Excellent cause and effect software
  • Choose It! Maker: This program allows you to create your own choice-making activities tailored to suit your pupils' needs. The program is extremely user-friendly and will allow you to help switch users to learn to scan and make choices.
  • Counting Songs 1 and 2: Our pupils love these programs.  The images are great, as are the songs. We have made a screenshot of the title pictures and the children choose their favourite by exchanging the picture. We use it to teach turn-taking, picture-exchange and, of course, counting.
  • IT Mouse Skills: This is one of the best mouse-skills programs that we have come across. Our pupils love it.
  • Slideshow Maker: This program allows you to easily make a slideshow with music which can be accessed using a switch, mouse or touchscreen. This is used in many different ways in our school, for e.g. some teachers use it as their goodbye activity using pictures of the children set to a goodbye song. 
  • Switch It! Maker 2 enables the user to create switch-accessible slideshows and/or stories and allows the user to add text which is a really useful feature. We use this program in so many ways from showing the steps in a cookery lesson to documenting a day trip. It is a must-have!
  • Switch It! Jigsaw Maker allows you to create online jigsaws made from images. A popular activity in our school is to use photographs of the staff and pupils. The pupils really enjoy pressing the switch to complete the puzzle. Very easy to use!
  • Target and Touch Music/Patterns: these are two really useful programs which support locating and tracking objects on the screen. We have found these to be excellent for children who have visual difficulties. Very well thought-out programs.
  • Out and About SeriesThis series of titles is designed to teach life-skills to older learners. The activities are really well thought out. Users can record their own commentary. It has a useful record-keeping feature as well as printable resources.
  • Switch It! Series is a brilliant set of programs which are really useful for language development. The activities are motivating and great fun. They have earned a place in probably every classroom in our school. They cover lots of useful themes such as hygiene, people who help us, weather and more. Check them out. You will not be disappointed!
  • WordShark teaches the serious business of reading and spelling in an enjoyable way through a series of motivating games.It can be tailored to the needs of individual learners.It is suitable for all ages and works brilliantly on an interactive  plasma screen as well as individual PCs. It has a useful record-keeping feature, which is great in a busy classroom.
  • NumberShark is an excellent program for improving and fine-tuning numeracy skills in a motivating and enjoyable way. It covers all 4 number operations. It can be personalised to the individual learner and is great on an interactive whiteboard. Records can be kept and printed out. You can vary the speed of the games also to suit the pupil. It is highly recommended!