Junior Cycle

“Junior Cycle places students at the centre of the educational experience, enabling them to actively participate in their communities and in society and to be resourceful and confident learners in all aspects and stages of their lives.”

Level One Learning Programmes (L1LPs) have been introduced to provide an inclusive, realistic, purposeful and beneficial education for some of our learners.

Students following L1LPs are at the centre of teaching and learning. They will have an educational experience that addresses their individual needs and enables them to live, to participate, to learn, to work and contribute to the communities in which they belong. They should be enabled to do this with the greatest degree of autonomy.

L1LPs are made up of Priority Learning Units (PLUs) and Short Courses. There are three NCCA designed Short Courses: Around the World in Eighty Days; Food Glorious Food, and Keeping Well, Looking Good, Being Great.

The PLUs include: Communication, Language and Literacy,  Numeracy, Personal Care and Wellbeing, Being Part of the Community, The Arts and Physical Education.

Assessment of the L1LPs is school based. A portfolio of evidence will be created by all students completing the L1LPs.

L1LPs Guidelines and information can be found on:  https://www.jct.ie/l1lp/l1lp.php