Frequently Asked Questions

Does Little Angels School provide a July Education Programme?

Yes Little Angels does provide a July Education Programme. The Department of Education provides funding for this programme. Contact the school for more information.

Do I need to send a packed lunch with my child?

Parents can choose whether or not to send a packed lunch with their child.The school will provide a hot lunch if required.  The children participating in the senior cycle help to prepare their own lunch.

Does the school provide transport for it's pupils?

The Department of Education provides free door-to-door transport to and from Little Angels School. There is an escort on each bus.

Is there a special uniform required for PE?

There is no special P.E. uniform. Children will need t.shirt, shorts or a tracksuit and trainers. These should be sent in a bag with all clothes clearly labelled. This will be returned.

How do I report my child's absence?

The National Education Welfare Board (EWB, now part of Túsla) are the government body assigned to ensure that children are attending school and their welfare is being met. 

Under the Education Welfare Act 2002 the school is obliged to inform the EWB of all unexplained absences exceeding 20 days during the academic year.  Schools must take the attendance each day. 

 When a child is absent, a school must state the reason to the EWB.  

However, the reason must come in writing from the family. 

This can be communicated in your child's home-school notebook.


Can my child celebrate their birthday at school?

We always celebrate birthdays in Little Angels. Birthday parties give the children opportunities to learn about important social skills such as sharing, taking turns and attending to others. You may wish to discuss the event with your child's teacher. You may send in cake and treats if you like.

Is there a school uniform?

There is a school uniform. You will find full details at this link.

When are Parents' Evenings held?

Parents' Evenings are normally held in November. You may arrange a meeting with your child's teacher at other times to discuss any concerns you may have.