Our School

Little Angels School is a multi-denominational school which caters for students with moderate, severe and profound learning disabilities and students with autism. Pupils range in age from 3-18 years. There are sixteen classes and Little Angels School also has two Pre-school classes for pupils with Autism. Little Angels School operates under the Education Act 1998, other legislation and the Rules for National Schools which are made by the Minister For Education and Science. It is administered by the National Council for Special Education (N.C.S.E.). Its Patron is a Patron Body which delegates the management of the school to the Board of Management. The school's opening hours are from 9: 20am - 3:00pm.


Little Angels School: A Resource for the Special Needs Community

As well as being a place of education for children with special needs, we have, over the years, built up a wealth of experience and expertise which we use to support parents and their families as well as other professionals working in the area of special education. We are currently building up, on our website, a bank of essential resources and information on the very latest developments in the area of special needs. You will find us on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest. We use these social media sites to curate and share information with parents and other professionals. You can subscribe to our website by email and have updates delivered to your inbox.