Our Staff

Little Angels School employs a large, highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff who regularly update their skills and knowledge on the latest trends in Special Education.  We adopt a holistic approach to the development of each child and to this end we liaise closely with the HSE in providing a wide range of therapies suited to the individual needs of our students.  All children are given a full speech and language assessment, and a program is drawn up for them, with therapy on daily basis.   The children also follow specialised occupational and physiotherapy programmes.


The staff include:

  • an administrative principal
  • 19 full-time teachers
  • three part-time ETB teachers
  • a team of 42  full-time Special Needs Assistants
  • a secretary and a team of bus escorts
  • one part-time speech and language therapist
  • visiting occupational therapists
  • visiting physiotherapists
  • visiting teacher for the hearing and visually impaired
  • cleaner/caretaker