Little Angels Preschool for Autism

At Little Angels Preschool we offer your child:

  • Excellent early intervention for children with a diagnosis of Autism
  • A strong visual structure which supports the child's understanding
  • A small group setting of no more than six children with a ratio of at least one adult to every two children
  • Individualised programmes drawn up in conjunction with the child's Occupational and Speech therapist.
  • A specially adapted curriculum, drawn from the Aistear Framework
  • A 'low arousal' environment
  • Clear and predictable routine
  • Highly qualified staff with an indepth knowledge of Autistic Spectrum and recommended methodologies
  • Regular therapy sessions in class with the child's Occupational therapist and Speech therapist

The key elements of our practice for children with Autism includes:

  • regular home/school liaison and meaningful collaboration between parents,teachers and health professionals;
  • development of pupil’s focus of interest
  • the use of well planned IEPs 
  • social/communication skills training