Switch-Activated Animation - Little Angels enter the FÍS Film Festival 2015

07/10/2015 20:28

Following on from the 2013 success of ‘The Little Lamb’, Mr Fabisiak’s class has again created an animated movie to enter into the FÍS Film festival.  


The FÍS Film Festival is a celebration of the film-making in Irish Schools. It is an annual event and brings together schools whose films have been shortlisted for an 'Outstanding Achievement' award. Little Angels School were delighted to receive an award in 2013. 


This year’s entry is entitled ‘Space Movie Omega’ and is an intergalactic tale in which friendship triumphs over bullying.


The story centres around three astronauts and their search for a habitable planet to colonise.  They must overcome mischievous native life forms and hostile environments on their way to completing the mission. 


All of the background artwork and the characters were created by the children with help from the teacher and the SNAs and the filming was done exclusively by two of the pupils.  The scenes were then edited by Mr Fabisiak and the story was developed from the available footage.


The children hope to return to the school with a prize from the FÍS Film festival in early November. Click here to get a sneak preview.










Well done to all the children and Mr Fabisiak and best of luck with your entry!