Sensory Processing.

04/01/2016 21:18
Excellent resource from Middletown...

Middletown Centre for Autism 

is pleased to announce the launch of the Centre’s first online resource for teachers. 
The online resources aim to provide teachers with easily accessible information on a range of topics affecting learning, engagement and interaction in the school setting alongside comprehensive practical strategies to help students of all ages access the curriculum and participate in all aspects of the school experience.

The first online resources focuses on the topic of

Sensory Processing. 

It explains the background to the sensory processing differences often associated with autism, how these differences can have an impact on learning, play and interaction and suggested strategies to support students in meeting their sensory needs in the school environment.

Sections in the online resource include: 
  • Introductory information on sensory processing
  • Examples of sensory processing differences within each sensory system and strategies to support these differences within the school setting
  • Case study examples
  • A downloadable classroom audit
  • Downloadable resources for students with autism
  • Video clips demonstrating strategies to facilitate sensory needs
This resource is now available on the Centre’s website.