Proclamation Day @ Little Angels School 2016

17/03/2016 12:42

Proclamation Day @ Little Angels School: March 15th 2016

'In 1916 the leaders of the Easter Rising had a vision for Ireland which they read out at the GPO at the start of Easter week. This Proclamation set out their vision for the New Irish Republic. It called on the Irish people to support their flag and fight for freedom, that they owned Ireland, and had full control over what happens to Ireland and its people. They wanted a nation which promised freedom, tolerance and equal opportunities for all citizens' (Scoilnet)
So, 100 years later, on Tuesday, March 15th 2016, Little Angels School, along with every other school in Ireland, celebrated Proclamation Day. We all wore green for the occasion. We gathered outside, where Ms Keane and some of the teachers read the Proclamation, as Gaeilge agus as Béarla. We then raised the Irish Flag. We sang our National Anthem; Amhrán na bhFiann . Ms McAteer's class had made a time capsule full of interesting memorabilia representing our school in 2016. We then buried the time capsule in our school garden, to be dug up again in 100 years time. We then planted a Rowan tree, which is a native tree here in Ireland. 
It was onto the hall then where Mr Donovan had organised a lovely afternoon of traditional music and dance. Ms Cassidy's class entertained us with 'The Siege of Ennis' and 'The Macarena' put to Irish songs. Dermot sang 'Grace'. Maurice and some of the pupils sang 'The Hills of Donegal' and 'The Fields of Athenry'.
Finally Dermot played some Irish tunes on the violin and we all got up to dance. 
All in all it was a fabulous day, as always here in our school, where we strive, every day, to fulfil what the 1916 rising leaders enshrined in The Proclamation of The Republic 100 years ago:

'cherishing all of the children of the nation, equally'

Here is a link to a video we made of the day. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. See you all on April 4th.