Preschool Visit to Barrontop Farm

19/04/2018 19:54

The theme in the Preschool this term is The Farm and in order to give the pupils some real life experiences of farm life the Preschool classes went to visit Barrontop Farm today.  The pupils enjoyed a tractor ride around the farm, stopping off to feed the animals. Feeding the ducks was probably the most popular activity. The children then visited some of the baby animals. They got to feed the Spring lambs, stroke rabbits, hold baby goats and baby chicks. They had a play in the lovely outdoor playground in Barrontop and finished off their trip with a visit to the soft play area. Thank you to the staff in Barrontop. The preschoolers and staff really enjoyed their trip. 


 If you would like to read more about the learning experiences being offered to the Preschool classes this month,   please click here to read their topic plan