Our Favourite Computer Keyboards

02/02/2013 23:00

The two keyboards which are in most of our classrooms are the BigKeys Keyboard and the Clevy Keyboard. These attractive keyboards have many advantages over standard keyboards for pupils with special needs;

  • Visually appealing
  • Non-essential keys have been removed
  • Clear user-friendly layout
  • Much larger keys
  • Choice of lower-case or upper-case layout
  • Clear distinction between the different functional areas
  • Colours make it much easier to locate letters
  • Print on keys is enlarged also
  • The Clevy Keyboard (lower image) has a switch which can be used to switch off key repeat
  • Option of yellow/white keys with black lettering which is a useful feature for children with dyslexia or vision impairments

These keyboards are really excellent and are a must for any special school and indeed any pupils who are learning how to use a keyboard. In fact they are so much better than regular keyboards they should really be the standard keyboard for all primary schools