Thank You, JT Physiotherapy

08/11/2017 10:02

Little Angels School is delighted to be involved with the wonderful initiative that is "No Barriers Gym and in this article we would like to highlight the importance of this initiative in our community.


The ‘No Barriers’ Programme has been devised by Johnny Loughrey and his team. It aims to break down any barriers to physical activity that my exist for anyone in the community.

At JT Physiotherapy, they believe, as we do, that there should be no barriers in this world to getting fitter and living longer.This programme is a shining light for inclusion in our community here in Letterkenny. The JT Physiotherapy team approached Little Angels and sought our input when devising the "No Barriers Programme." As a result of this collaboration our pupils are able to attend the gym successfully. 

As well as the No Barriers gym JT Physiotherapy offer a wide range of classes and treatments. Please visit their website and support this wonderful, inclusive company.