Mrs. Whoriskey's Assembly

31/05/2017 13:55

We had a lovely assembly today from Mrs Whoriskey's class. The children were learning to name all their body parts and they all took turns in labelling a display of all the main body parts. 

One of pupils showed us how he pours Holy Water into a bowl for the children to use when they are saying their prayers. The Holy Water is kept on a beautiful May altar which Mrs Whoriskey has in her classroom. 

Then the children displayed their self-help skills by going through their grooming routine. We watched a lovely video (to follow) of all the great variety of activities which the children take part in and then Mrs Whoriskey showed a lovely slideshow, which you can view below, of one of her pupils who is preparing for First Holy Communion. 


Mrs. Whoriskey also showed a lovely slideshow of the children at work. You can view that video by clicking here. It was lovely to see what all the children are doing. They are getting on so well. Well done to Mrs Whoriskey's class.