Little Angels Phone Appeal: Update

25/11/2012 09:57

Little Angels Phone Appeal: Update

A big thank you to Seamus from Arann Mor Island who as well as posting us on some old mobiles also sent an iPhone 3g, reset to factory settings. We have put Grace App on this phone and it will be given to one of our children after Easter who will be able to start learning to use it as a communication device straight away. We are so touched by the generosity of this man, who we never met and has no immediate connection to our school. Thank you so much. 

Thanks also to Lisa Maree Domican, the creator of Grace App, who as well as giving us constant support and advice since starting this campaign-answering queries late into the night-, has also donated two iPhones to our children. 

We now have 12 devices. Some are being used already and others which will be introduced to the children after we have received training on the device. (More details of this on the Home page of our website and on our Facebook page

Thanks also to Pramerica who have donated lanyards which will make our devices fully portable.

Thanks to everyone for getting involved. You are making a huge difference to the lives of our pupils.