Interactive Floor via Po-Motion, Kinect and Twitter

20/06/2016 13:34

We have our Interactive Floor up and running and the children are really enjoying it. We have had some enquiries about how it was set up.

We used software from a company called Po-Motion who do interactive installations for public events. 


The software works with Microsoft Kinect.


It was tricky to set up. We got technical assistance from a variety of sources. 

Thanks to the kind people at Po-Motion who patiently answered our queries. Thanks also to especially to Ireland's Kinect expert, Stephen Howell, who very kindly answered our tweet for help. 

(For any schools out there who are wondering why Twitter is useful I am posting a conversation we had while trying to work out some technical glitches)

Finally we have to thank Raymond, one of our SNAs for his persistence and technical skills. We will continue to develop gesture-based technology in Little Angels as we believe that it is an excellent tool to promote engagement. Click here to view a few clips of the children trying out the interactive floor.