Horse Riding at Greenacres with the RDAI

29/01/2013 20:25

The pupils from Little Angels School enjoy a weekly horse riding sessions which take place in Greenacres Equestrian Centre. The session is run by the wonderful volunteers who work with the RDAI.

The RDAI (Riding for the Disabled Ireland) is a voluntary organisation who offer horse riding lessons for children and adults with a physical or intellectual disability. The benefits of attending horse riding for our pupils are many: they learn a new skill, meet new people, improve their self-awareness and communication, improve their posture, co-ordination and balance and enjoy a huge sense of achievement. All of these benefits lead to an increase in self-confidence and motivation.

The RDAI volunteers are extremely dedicated group who turn up week after week. We are really grateful to them for allowing our pupils to partake in this life-changing activity.