Happy St. Patrick's Day

14/03/2019 16:45

Ms. Breslin's class put on the most amazing St. Patrick's Day assembly for us all. They told us all about St. Patrick and the traditions associated with this very special day. We had poetry, music, Irish dancing, leprechauns, a crock of gold and even a marching band. The children had their own St. Patrick's Day party in the classroom as a reward for all their hard work. 

Well done to Ms. Breslin, Patricia and John, and the children for all the thought and preparation which went into this very special assembly. A special word of thanks to Maria Shiels and the members of Letterkenny Senior Accordion Band who gave so willingly of their time to join us in the St. Patrick's Day assembly. 

Enjoy the celebrations this weekend everyone.

Here are some photos and videos of the assembly.


Letterkenny Senior Accordion Band


Shamrock Poem