Errigal Tweet-Up: Save the Date

17/02/2013 21:00

Yes it's that time of the year again! 


Last year the Little Angels School joined forces with the Irish SME community (Small/Medium Enterprises) in what was possibly Ireland's highest Tweet-Up. (A Tweet-Up is an organized face-to-face meeting of Twitter users.) This year we hope to do it again!!


When and Where: This year the climb takes place on March 3rd, meeting at the car park at the base of Mt Errigal at midday.


Why? The main beneficiary this year is the Mark Pollock Trust climbers are also asked to bring along old phones in aid of the Little Angels Phone Appeal.


So why are we collecting old mobile phones? We recycle old mobile phones through Irish Autism Action and exchange them for Ipods/iPads which some of our non-verbal pupils can use as a communication device using an app called Grace app. One of our parents made a video, last year, of her son to help with this appeal. 


Luckily for her son, he now has an iPhone which he uses as a communication device. We have many other pupils who could benefit from having such a device. So if you have any old mobiles please consider donating them to our school and if you are feeling energetic why not join us on March 3rd for a wonderful afternoon of climbing and craic.