Assembly Report: Our Morning Routines

08/04/2016 16:54

Our Class Assembly




Our assembly was on Friday the 4th of April. All of the children worked very hard all week to get the artwork ready for the assembly. We decided to show everyone the things that we do every morning before we come to school.

Philip was first and he showed that he wakes up at 8 o’clock every morning and puts on his Little Angels School uniform before he goes to have his breakfast.

Next Darragh and Philip showed us how they make their breakfast. Darragh has toast and he butters and cuts it by himself and Philip has cornflakes.


Then Chantel showed us how she gets ready in the bathroom for school. She always washes her face first. Then she brushes her teeth and then she brushes her hair.

Shayne and Rhys showed everyone how the pack their bags. They always remember to put in their lunch, their homework pack and iPad every day. They do their homework every night and bring it into school to show everyone every day.



When the children have done that every morning they are ready to go to school and wait on the bus to pick them up to take them to Little Angels School.


A fabulous assembly. Well done to all the girls and boys in Mr Diver's class.