3 Day Charity Cycle 2013

07/06/2013 21:22

Once again Little Angels School owes a huge debt of gratitude to Gerard Crawford and his fellow cyclists; Vincent McGrath, Neil Sweeney, Eddie McCrory and Daryl Doherty. They completed a three day cycle around Donegal collecting funds and entertaining the public as they went along!! As you will see from their wonderful video, this was a huge team effort and we would also like to thank their team of collectors; Christina Crawford, Ann Doherty, Diane and Martin Crawford, Patricia Allen, Rosemary Gallagher, Teresa Carlin and Tony Rodgers. The entertainment was provided by Clement Clarke, Danny Gallagher and Joe McClean. John Doherty was the safety officer for the team.

Please have a look at this lovely video which documents the 3 Day Charity Cycle 2013.

We are so humbled by the generosity of people who take time out of their busy lives to help our school. Thank you all so much!