Interactive Floor via Po-Motion, Kinect and Twitter

20/06/2016 13:34
We have our Interactive Floor up and running and the children are really enjoying it. We have had some enquiries about how it was set up. We used software from a company called Po-Motion who do interactive installations for public events.    The software works with Microsoft...

Kinect, Special Needs and Autism

20/04/2015 00:00
At Little Angels School we have been trialing the use of  Kinect in our classrooms.  Kinect is a motion sensing input device originally developed by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console. It basically enables users to control and interact...


Kinect, Special Needs and Autism on Pinterest

20/04/2015 23:19
Little Angels School has created a Pinterest Board where we are collating all the resources we have found for using Kinect in Special Education. It is intended as a resource and ideas page for anyone interested in using Kinect as a sensory, interaction and engagement tool. There is an...

Kinect2Scratch: Music, Movement and Fun

20/04/2015 22:05
  Kinect2Scratch is a really amazing free program developed by Stephen Howell, a computer science lecturer from Ireland.  Scratch is a really popular programming language that makes it easy to create and share your own games, music, art and more. It is free and was...

Applications which work with Kinect: Somantics

11/12/2012 00:00
Somantics is a collection of free applications that use touch, camera input and gesture to encourage interaction. Whilst primarily designed for people with ASD, Somantics can be great fun for people of all ages. Somantics is designed with the aim of promoting self awareness, confidence and...

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