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Everyone at Little Angels School is saddened to learn of the passing of Dr John Murray
It is fair to say that without his drive and determination Little Angels school wouldn't exist. Dr Murray and his wife Phil were instrumental in bringing together a group of parents over 40 years ago with the dream of opening a school in Donegal to cater for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties. Previous to this, families had to bid farewell to their precious children and they had to leave the county for their education. Not satisfied with getting the school open Dr Murray also led the drive to provide accommodation for pupils so that they could come to school during the week and rejoin their families at the weekend. At one time the Little Angels Association had two hostels in Letterkenny.
Fiona House is still home to some of the first pupils who attended Little Angels. Dr Murray promised their parents that they would have a home for life and to this day they live together happily being cared for by a wonderful team under the patronage of the Little Angels Assocation.
Dr Murray was passionate about the association and indeed his name is synonymous with Little Angels. He worked tirelessly over the years and it could be said that he was a reluctant retiree! He loved the Association and his commitment to it was unwavering but it was not his only love.
He was married to Phil and together they had a family of six. Sadly he was predeceased by Phil and by two of his daughters Grainne and Fiona. He was a man of great faith and no doubt he will be reunited with his loved ones and at peace now.
While he could often be seen in the Irish Martyrs he also frequented his local coffee shop indulging in another great love!! Our photo shows him at leisure in this spot!
He has left behind a significant legacy and he will never be forgotten by those who knew and worked with him in the HSE and in Little Angels.
We extend our sympathy to his children, grandchildren, great grandchild and his extended family tonight.
Rest in Peace Dr Murray and from all of us, Thank You!