The Oscars 2019

11/01/2019 20:24

Another first at Little Angels this week as Mrs. Haran's class held an Oscars ceremony in the school hall! 

The nominees were all the pupils in Mrs. Haran's class. Each pupil came in, walked the red carpet (with noisy applause from the audience)

We then watched a little trailer for each of the nominees, highlighting the wonderful work that they are doing in the classroom. 

Each child was then awarded their Oscar statuette in recognition of their own personal achievements in the classroom. 

After the ceremony concluded all the boys and girls got to pose in the beautifully crafted Oscars frame, made especially for the occasion...The staff joined in too!

A fabulous assembly... well done to all the boys and girls and to Mrs. Haran, Mark, Sheila, Carolann and Amie.