Special Olympics Ireland - National Games 2014

14/06/2014 17:08

Special Olympics Ireland National Games are being held  in Limerick from Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th of June where 1500 athletes will compete from all over Ireland. We are delighted to say that Little Angels are being well represented. We have three athletes who have travelled to Limerick and are enjoying three  wonderful days of sport, competition and celebration. 

Clodagh will compete in-ball roll and ball lift. Kyle and Kevin will compete in 'knock 'em down with a stick' and dribbling. These events are part of the Motor Activity Programme and this is the first year for this programme to be included in the National Games .

We are very proud of these wonderful pupils and their achievement on making it to Limerick. 

We wish them and all their families the best of luck and a wonderful joyous experience on Limerick.