Ombudsman for Children Visits Little Angels

18/10/2018 20:41

We were honoured and delighted, this week, to welcome Dr. Niall Muldoon, the Ombudsman for Children to Little Angels School. 

As a school we are always trying to raise awareness of the rights of the child and trying to instil that awareness in our pupils. 

Ms. Patricia Doherty, our wonderful Drama teacher, worked with pupils in Little Angels on a creative and innovative rights awareness campaign. 



Their beautiful production can be viewed by clicking here.

Dr. Muldoon met our head boy, and the rest of the student council from Ms. Black's class, as well as visiting the classes.

Well done to Ms. Doherty, Ms. Black and all the teachers and pupils invoved.

Thanks also to Maria and everyone who worked on the lovely displays in the hall.