Mrs. McAteer's Superheroes

02/06/2017 12:17

We had a lovely assembly today from Mrs. McAteer's class of Superheroes.

They all got up and showed us their superpowers...

We met 

 "The Colour Catcher", whose job it was to match lots of different colours. After checking out the assembly hall he soon completed the task in hand.

 "The Locksmith" wasted no time in locating his key which Mrs McAteer had hidded from him.

 "Miss Writer" who was able to write her name all by herself.

The Digit Man" who was able to sequence his numbers from 0-20 even under pressure!

"Mr. Lámh" who amazed us all with his knowledge of signs.

 "Ms Phonics"  who is learning her sounds and doing well by the looks of things.

and to introduce all the Superheroes we had...

 "The Name Man" who knew all the Superheroes' special powers

It was so lovely to see what all the children had learned to do and to observe their progress. Thanks to Ms McAteer, Mark, Aisling and Brian for this fabulously creative assembly. We all loved it! Enjoy the video which you can see here.