Mrs. Kennedy Retires

24/12/2018 11:04

This week we said goodbye to Mrs Kennedy who is leaving us after 37 years here in Little Angels.

We have only just said goodbye to Ms Keane and it is hard to believe that after Christmas Mrs Kennedy will not be pulling into the car park

But I think that we all agree after 37 years service to the Little Angels family, Mrs Kennedy has earned a rest.

In her time here in Little Angels she has watched the school grow from the fledgling seed that was planted in Ballyraine all those years ago to the mighty Oak tree that we are all so privileged to be a part of.

With her naturally warm, inviting and caring nature she mentored and  nurtured not only the children of the school but many placement students and all staff new to the school, and the legacy that she created will live on in LA for generations to come.

Thank you Mrs. Kennedy