Errigal Tweet-Up

11/04/2014 21:14

On Sunday last more than 160 people took time out of their busy lives to climb a mountain. There were three different groups of people; the Donegal Autism Family Support Group, Little Angels School and a section of Ireland's SME community led this year by Claire McCahill. The SME community along with parents and staff of our school have climbed for the last three years and each year have collected old mobile phones for our school. We recycle these phones in return for iPads/iPods which we then give to our non-verbal pupils to use as communication devices. Being able to use these communication devices has made a huge difference to our pupils. They have essentially given them a voice. 

One of the climbers, Maddie Malling, has made a lovely video of the day. It features the lovely poem written (and read) by Liam Porter on the occassion of the first Errigal Tweet-Up in 2012. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part. Please click here to watch the video.